Be and Do My Best

When I come for a week long visit with my grandchildren, each night after they are in bed, I leave them a “letter” in the mailboxes they each have on their bedroom door. We call them the “Grandma Letters”. I’ve already finished the first one for March.  

Dear Charlton and Diana: 

You always notice that I am pretty happy! These core beliefs. help to remind me to keep striving to be my best for you and all of the people whose lives I touch. Maybe I’ll inspire you to come up with your list too! 
Love, Grandma

  1. You are loved
  2. Your life matters
  3. Treat yourself and others with kindness
  4. Stay curious
  5. Continue to love learning
  6. Have a savings account and decide on a monthly amount to deposit and do it.
  7. If you have a problem, focus on the solution.
  8. Forgive yourself and others
  9. Even if you are self directed, you need friends, family,mentors, and teachers and they need you.
  10. Listen to others but make up your own mind.
  11. Smile ( if this is hard; practice in front of the mirror)
  12. Live the golden rule
  13. If you say anything about anyone else, let it be good. Avoid gossiping and complaining
  14. Laugh every day. Give and get hugs.
  15. Find your mood changers: music, nature,meditation, talking with a friend.
  16. Always work on being an even better you
  17. Somethings will take longer than you think so ;practice patience, positivism, and confidence.
  18. Have dreams, goals and take a