• To provide students of all ages with the skills they need to enjoy music for a lifetime!
  • To develop the musical ability of each student by providing quality music education through private and group instrument instruction.
  • We believe the best approach to fine music development and instruction is the Suzuki teaching method. We do offer traditional teaching methods for students who are not enrolled in our Suzuki Strings and Piano Programs.
  • We believe ALL children can learn music instrument playing, given the opportunity, support and commitment needed for success. The Music Connection is committed to offering important elements of a music education: private instruction and group instruction for students, music theory, composition, rhythm, aural development (ear training), sight reading of music notation, student solo and group performances and opportunities to hear professional classical concerts.
  • We believe a family that supports the culture of music through encouragement, support, enthusiasm for music, attendance of concerts, regular listening to quality recordings and regular instrument practice is the key to nurturing a student’s success.
Music connects us to so many opportunities with family, friends, school, work, community and the world; “because music is the connection.”