Moving On

Janet is Moving!5 years ago, we started to wonder: should we stay in the home we have been in for almost 30 years?

So many, grandkids, graduations, parties, wedding showers, baby showers, parties with friends, playing chamber music in the Florida room with my daughter and friends.

However sometime from when I started the business back in 2004 to now, we gradually realized taking care of a house was getting to be too much. So Fred and I talked about it. And we decided if there was a better place for us to live, then we would move. Fred wanted someplace where he could walk to where he might want to go: a restaurant close, pharmacy to pick up the Sunday paper, and a place to exercise and lift weights.  We wanted to downsize and decided a condo or an apartment would be best.  And in March, we found the place.  And in April, we closed on both the purchase of our condo and the sale of our old home and moved!  We are having so much fun enjoying new things: a garage for the first time in our lives, garbage disposal, and no yard work! How great winter will be without shoveling!  It was an adjustment, but we are there!

The going through the “treasures” of many years was daunting. We laughed and cried. We parted with many boxes of junk and lots of furniture and things we only thought were necessary.  The best thing? So many friends, students, and family who offered advice, hints, and sympathy.  Thank you! We appreciate all of your kind words and patience.  

There are still things I cannot find, but…there are still boxes!