Music Maestros 1 & 2

Registration for Music LessonsAt the Music Connection, our families with children 0-5 are introduced to music through our Music in the Box Family music classes. We have found that this provides our families with a wonderful way to introduce your family to the culture of music and the happy habit of making and enjoying music.

However around age 3 and after families have experienced 2-12 of our Family Music in the Box classes (depending on what age child enters our program.)the children and family are ready for a little more, especially if the parents’ musical vision for their child includes an early start in music lessons to foster early music excellence and enjoyment.

For Children ages 3 1/2- 5 we have Music Maestro 1 and 2. Thinking ahead, many of our students are ready to begin private lessons sometime around ages 3 1/2-7 years old. The Maestro classes give children and parents an experience of group music making and a supportive peer group as they get ready to add private lessons.

Music Maestros 1

Prerequisite: minimum age 3-3 1/2, preferred at least 2 previous Family Music Classes. If child has had no previous music classes, better entry age would be 3 1/2.
Ages: 3-4
This class is taught in a group of maximum of 3-8 children and parents. The class is designed to encourage independent musical play through the use of rhythm instruments. Simple music theory ideas including dynamics, beat vs. rhythm,and octaves are introduced through music games, music picture books, and basic percussion ensembles.

Music Maestro 2 

Prerequisite: previous Music Maestro 1 classes (6 months-1 year preferred) or if no previous classes, age 4-4 1/2 preferred age to start.
Ages: 3 1/2-5
Maximum class size 3-8 children and parents.
In this class, children work together in a classroom like setting. More pre-reading, ear training, music theory,games, music and movement, more complex instrumental, and pitch activities are added to ready child to promote successful transition to private music lessons.

We recommend that children if private lessons are started when child is 3 1/2-5 years continue in the Music Maestro group class so that they continue to work on musical concepts while learning the specifics of their chosen instrument.

If no table of classes is listed to register, or if you would like a different day/time for this class, please contact the studio directly.  

Locations:  TMC = Orland Park Studio     TMCFR = Frankfort Studio

Withdrawl Policy: Refund for withdrawing up to 3 weeks before class enrolled in starts, up to 1 1/2 weeks-credit only given, no refund or credit given for less than 1 1/2 weeks.