Preschool Music Classes

Pre-schoolers just love music! They love to sing, dance, play instruments and read stories. Wise parents, grandparents, and music educators also know that Preschool Music Classes promote the child’s natural sense of curiosity as well as being lots of fun! Once developed, this curiosity becomes a lifelong learning, instilling a love of music and fun through musical activities, and provide the child with the skills such as keeping a steady beat and pitch development.

Parent Benefit
Like minded parents and grandparents also enjoy meeting other people who are all about discovering ways for their young children to interact musically and socially with their community. This is what The Music in the Box curriculum and The Music Connection is all about, Education, Camaraderie, and FUN!

UPDATE: if you are interested in attending but the class you want is filled, please make sure to add your information to the wait list. We will contact you first when another class becomes available. Additional Early Childhood Classes available from The Music Connection

Music in the Box Class

Come see why this curriculum of preschool music classes is a wonderful prelude to successful music study. Children will sing, dance, and participate in activities that develop rhythmic pulse while meeting some new friends! Class is for child and parent/caregiver.

Preschool Music Classes at a Cost for Families
Though these classes appear to be ‘just fun,’ the curriculum is rich in musical content for the young child. The melodies children sing and dance to are the tunes many of them will later play at ages 4-7 on their chosen instrument, such as violin, piano, cello, or guitar. These classes are also truly wonderful for cultivating a family culture of music, instilling an early love of music, and for providing necessary experiences in matching pitch, rhythm, movement, and socialization through music. Must Register to attend. Ideal ages are 0 to 5 years old.

The Program – Music in the Box
Music in the BoxMusic development is built through rhymes, picture books and poetry, alongside rhythmic movement and tactile experiences.

This program is based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori and Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and prepares the children and their families for a lifetime with the joy of music. Featuring curriculum of Fiddle I Fee & Baby Beluga for Fall, I love You All the Time & Brown Bear for Winter then Victor Vito for Spring.

Parent or caregiver MUST ATTEND with the child.
Best for early walkers through age 5.   If you’ve already taken MITB and your child is between 3 and 5 years old ready for the next step, then consider Music Masters!  

If no table of classes is listed to register, or if you would like a different day/time for this class, please contact the studio directly.  

Locations:  TMC = Orland Park Studio     TMCFR = Frankfort Studio


  • Provides an exceptional weekly music experience for parent & child in a loving environment
  • Engage the children’s minds & bodies through music
  • Enrich the children’s senses through the use of carefully-selected, high-quality books, poetry, music and tactile materials
  • Encourage the children’s development of self through continuity, ritual and successful music experiences
  • Provide excellent language & literature appropriate for young children
  • Develop the children’s musical intelligence in accordance with current scientific studies
  • Ensure a base music knowledge in preparation for music lessons
  • Offer a complete curriculum, including rhythm patterns and Suzuki melodies during transition
  • Provide parents the ways & means of doing music at home

Character Development

  • Perseverance
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Identity & Self-Esteem
  • Discipline
  • A love of music, art, culture & history
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Identification of Talent
  • Using time wisely
  • Following directions
  • Precision & Motor Skills

Reading Readiness

  • Notice various sounds, rhythms and tempos
  • Listen carefully
  • Sit quietly
  • Follow directions
  • Find delight in books
  • Hear familiar and unfamiliar words

Withdrawl Policy: Refund for withdrawing up to 3 weeks before class enrolled in starts, up to 1 1/2 weeks-credit only given, no refund or credit given for less than 1 1/2 weeks.