Requiring More and Expecting More

“To whom much is given, much will be required “(Luke 12:48)

That quote popped into my head as I did my usual 30 minute walk/run this morning.

Earlier this year, when I started examining what I could do even better and how I could give even more to the students, families, and staff, I decided to get more social. Listen more. Try to talk less (still hard for me! 🙂 ) Support and encourage more. Challenge students to overcome that voice that says you can’t and show them they can!

By getting more social, I don’t just mean social media. I have been filled with the mission of  telling and sharing with the world the importance of developing your musical and other gifts; encourage and motivating others to get together to enjoy music and each other’s successes.

So.. I’m out there more!  I go to Chamber meetings, network, and WESOS, (a womens’ entrepreneurial group). We agreed to have a booth at the Orland Community expo in October and Frankfort community expo last week.

Frankfort Expo was amazing. One of our high school students, Ellie M., was there to provide needed help with equipment and booth setup. We had just 5 students who had volunteered to play for the event.  Every violinist’s voice was needed to play the performance! And Ellie, thank God, was there to add her voice and leadership on the violin while I played accompaniments and harmony parts!

That day, I met many parents at our booth. Many children stopped to try a violin. One mother said she wanted to try us because her 13 year old daughter had been “fired” by her present violin teacher.

I told her, by all means, try us! Let’s try to keep her going! Sometimes children just go through a period of not wanting to practice much..until a teacher can help them find a reason to pick it up: maybe a competition, maybe a special piece that fires up the desire to play, maybe a teacher who encourages and inspires.

Last night, I gave my third speech at Toastmasters. I was less nervous than that first one for sure! One of my evaluators of my 2nd speech suggested I give a speech about students whose lives had been impacted by music. And so I told some of the stories, highlighting some of those who have appeared on our 5 minute videos. (check out our you tube channel on the websites!)

So back to the quote. My interpretation of this has changed. I believe that all of us, even some of us who might have grown up in poverty, ultimately have been given much: the gift of life and much is expected of ALL of us.

So find those gifts, each of you, and require yourself to do more and be more.
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