Top 5 Instruments for Beginners

There are some instruments that are easier to learn than others and are suitable for beginners.  Here are some listed in no particular order:


They are fairly easy to start learning and suitable for children as young as 3 years old (with Suzuki Method) to adults.  Playing the violin is popular and in demand.  Violinist are always needed for orchestras and musical groups.


Another instrument that is fairly easy to start and suitable for children 5 years old (with Suzuki Method) and older.  It’s played the same way as the violin, by rubbing the bow across the string.  The cello is played sitting down, which can be an advantage for any age group.  They are also needed for orchestras and musical groups.


The piano creates the most beautiful sound.  Another wonderful instrument to learn and is the most versatile of instruments. You can begin piano as young as 3 years old (with Suzuki Method) to adults.


Flutes are very popular and suitable for children ages 9 -10 years and up.  The flute is one of the easiest instruments to learn, easy to transport, and fun to play.


The harp is easy to start.  There are piano students who learn to play the harp with little difficulty.  Harps can come in small sizes and are suitable for children ages 8 years and up.  It’s one of the most ancient and beautiful sounding instruments.

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