Weekend Blend

Weekend Blend is a one hour long weekly class, perfect for students and parents! It combines fun group learning activities for theory, note reading, rhythm, and composition with private one on one instruction.

This is especially nice for a family who may have 2 or more children: lessons are in one place and one time and done in an hour’s time!

The weekend blend class is great for beginning through late elementary levels. The fun learning environment and synergy created with others helps students develop playing skill, confidence, and motivation that helps students and families stick with it.

Weekend Blend is an on going class designed specifically for ages 6-11; but could certainly work for younger students able to stay engaged for an hour or an older student who would like to move quickly through elementary phase.

Classes are offered on Saturdays & Sundays in Orland Park and Frankfort for piano and violin. See schedule below. 

Class Size: limited to 6 children ages 6-12 years old

Description: Concepts and pieces will be the same as what is covered in a 30 minute private lesson. However, students will also benefit from the class time to drill the beginning concepts of ear training, note reading, rhythm drill, music theory, music history, composition, and ensemble playing. Ideal ages are 6-8 years old, but older and younger welcome to enroll.  More than one child welcome too; 10% discount for the 2nd child.

Cost: $110/4 monthly classes. Must have an instrument for practice at home. Violin rental is available for additional $25 per month. Private Lesson students can attend at no additional charge. 

If no table of classes is listed to register, or if you would like a different day/time for this class, please contact the studio directly.  

Locations:  TMC = Orland Park Studio     TMCFR = Frankfort Studio

Withdrawl Policy: Refund for withdrawing up to 3 weeks before class enrolled in starts, up to 1 1/2 weeks-credit only given, no refund or credit given for less than 1 1/2 weeks.