When Do You Practice?

Last night, at our piano faculty meeting, Mrs. Eubank shared a short video of one of her students. Mrs. Eubank had asked her the question: “When do you practice piano?”

The student told her that she loved to practice and answered the question. You can hear the spontaneous cheering of the always exuberant Mrs. Eubank when she hears the answer. (Check out the Facebook page.)

Finding the time to practice can be challenging with busy fall schedules, sports, family obligations, homework, and other tutoring, and extracurricular activities to be sure.

Yet, all teachers agree; it is the students who make the commitment and follow through with daily practice that show amazing progress.

So when do YOU practice?

Just remember: 1. Set a time for practice

                              2. Make a promise to YOURSELF that you will do it

                              3. Count 5-4-3-2-1

                              4, Do it!

Happy practicing and send us your video answer to the office@theconnection2music.com to the question:

When Do You Practice?
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